July 31, 2009


I have been doing many stuff, and was unable to write on the blog. I will be for the next two weeks, since I am leaving for the Amazonas next Sunday. I wasn't really aware what does the word "Amazonas" mean. One third of all species live there, and it is as big as Europe. The mouth of the Amazonas river is as wide as long is the Thames.

I am visiting some Kichwa communities in the Amazonía (the Ecuadorian Amazonas). That is exactly why I have been reading Jorge Icaza's novel masterpiece, "Huasipungo". It is very well written, he has a great phrasing, and it's worth to read it. It is (one of the) first novels to denounce the brutal explotation of the Indians. The Russians were at that time really into class-fights, so they were the first to translate this book.

Unfortunately, we, Mexicans, are big ignorants of the South American reality. This is a generalization, which many might deny --with good reasons--, but at least when I was in school there was no interest in the story of South America. I hope that this trip will fill a big hole of ignorance.

Check this blog if you are further interested...

Foto: San Rafael Falls

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