July 20, 2009

Rem Koolhaas, Norman Foster

Two towers which should be the tallest of their countries: on the left, Torre Bicentenario, designed by Rem Koolhaas, to be constructed in Mexico City; on the right, the U2 Tower, designed by Norman Foster, to be constructed in Dublin.

Koolhaas' project is allegedly inspired in the Maya pyramids, has an entrance for light and air (yellow hole), bla bla bla... Foster's project undertakes the old studio of U2, has luxury flats but also social and affordable departments, has a solar panel, allows the traffic to go through it, bla bla bla...

Due to legal (and financial) problems, none of the projects is under construction. Strange, though, since both projects --by two well-known Pritzker-architects-- are related to and supported by rich people: Fernando Romero (who is married to Carlos Slim's daughter) and the crew of U2.

Strange, also, that the two buildings look so similar...

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