July 25, 2009

Where to find the paradise

Scholastic theologians were thinking hard were could be the paradise, the Heaven. It must be a geographic place, since Jesus resurrected and Mary was taken there with her body.

Columbus knew this issue. The next quote is taken from Columbus' log of his first trip to America:


"He [Columbus] says he was astonished at such bad weather as there was in those islands and regions, because in the Indies he navigated all that winter without anchoring and it was good weather all the time, and that, for one hour alone he did not see the sea so that he could not navigate well, and in these islands he had experienced such a serious tempest and the same happened to him on his departure as far as the Canary Islands: but having passed them, he always found the winds and the sea very temperate.

In conclusion the Admiral says that the sacred theologians and learned philosophers well said that the earthly Paradise is at the end of the Orient, because it is a most temperate place. So that, those lands which he had now discovered, are {he says} the end of the Orient".

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