July 6, 2009

No cars

I saw the concept Umweltzone yesterday for the first time exactly when we were entering a bottleneck due to a construction. "Umweltzone: Wir bauen Zukunft!" - something like "Ambiental Zone: We construct future!".

The programm Umweltzone will start next year in several cities of Germany. It is a more sophisticated version of the Mexican program Hoy no circula (just make 2 clicks to compare both pages: it is really hilarious!).

The Mexican programm is really difficult to know in detail as it is full of exceptions, and has been proved to be more a political game than anything else. The German one seems to be also annoying to the consumers, since is focused on the CO2 emissions: if your car expels more than x, we don't want you here: either buy a better car, ride your bike, or use public transport.

Mexican public transport is not as good as the German one, and in Mexico City there are far less subway lines than, say, in Munich, which is like 15 times smaller.

The only detail I really prefer from the Mexican system is the expression "huella de carbono", which sounds much better than the stupid and impractical CO2-Emissionen (CO2 emissions in English): here for instance is impossible to write the 2 in a proper way. At least we have that!

This is the automobile landscape 101 years after Flivver. Thank you so much, Mr. Ford!

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Anonymous said...

Más de un accidente va a provocar esa mina como salga a la calle con el Halt! jajaja

Desde la capital del Imperio,