October 5, 2010

James Joyce meets pop (or Adulthood disapproving young people)

This is James Joyce:

This is James Joyce without a mustache disapproving John Lennon's joke:

This is James Joyce talking to Marilyn Monroe:

This is an old woman disapproving a young lady à la James Joyce captured by Cartier-Bresson:


smuenzing said...

I reminds me of that great song bu the Go-Betweens with these lines.

Helps me find James Joyce / She always makes the right choice / She's no queen / She's no angel / Just a peasant from the village


Enrique G de la G said...

Schönes Lied! Kannte es nicht!

S. said...

Pero que young lady si sr!

eenamme said...

How did James Joyce meet John Lennon? Or have I totally missed the point here

Enrique G de la G said...

It's a joke: the guy disapproving John Lennon inhaling "coke" resembles Joyce.