October 28, 2010

Wolf whistle

I posted recently those photos because there is a story to tell.

It was dark and chilly, downtown was dead except for a few tourists, like me. I was at a corner with a red light, busy with my camera. I felt a couple reaching the corner as well, and stopping by. They were talking peacefully, but I didn't pay attention to them. Through the camera I noticed a car approaching, and waited a bit to take advantage of its lights. It also stopped. Then, the driver wolf-whistled.

I did my shot, checked the pic, and he wolf-whistled again. It was a taxi driver looking in our direction. "Thanks, folk, but you don't need to whistle at me, not interested!", I yelled at him. He laughed and said: "Not for you, for her". So I turned at her, who was very offended: "He needs your attention". She got even more offended: "How you dare?". "Mate, sorry, no interest either on her side". With a funny sign, he asked me to insist. I smiled at her: "Maybe you should..." And she turned around decided to end the little game...

"Oh, my God, how are you?!" Her partner was surprised and a bit jealous. He then looked at the taxi for the first time and shouted: "Hey, you!" They all laughed, "How come are you here? What a coincidence!", "Yes, long no see...", "We'll call you!", "Yes, talk to you later...", "See you!", "Bye!". He drove away.

The woman said to me: "Oh, sorry, that's a friend of ours, thanks for being so persistent". "You're very welcome". We crossed the street laughing and then they disappeared around the corner...

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