October 14, 2010

Strange discoveries: dots & ñ

Branding usually do not use periods at the end of the trademark. I was very surprised when I discovered that Benetton uses a dot at the end of its name, something which I hadn't seen till recently.

There is another English brand which also uses a dot: Eat. But I don't know any other.

Adenda (March 2013):

I just noticed that USUS also adds a dot at the end of the brandname.

* * *

Spanish letter "ñ" is not an "n" with an accent circumflex. Ñ developed as a sign to represent a doble "nn" in Latin words, such as anno, which became [en el] año.

I was impressed when I found the word Año in a German text in the main church of Spandau "bei Berlin" going back to the 17th Century.

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