October 5, 2010

Sundays at the Mauerpark

Berlin is an amazing city which combines the international atmosphere of cities like Paris or New York with the terrible history of the XX Century and offers the advantage of an inexpensive living. Berlin is sexy and crazy, offers unexpected surprises and pleasures and happiness. In winter is a bitch, but is one of the greatest places if the sun shines. Like last weekend, when I moved back to Berlin.

The Mauerpark has become for me the nicest place to be this year. An English guy who delivers by bike messages and packages had the idea of singing with a karaoke, and it has developed to a mass phenomenon. More and more people gather there, you always meet friends by chance, the mix of Berliners and tourists is as friendly as during a World Cup. And this weekend I even saw a guy having his hair done!

I love Berlin!

[Update: this guy just uploaded my video on his Facebook :-)]

Crazy English guys singing at the karaoke (notice the dancing Spaniards on the background)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Es freut mich das es dir gut geht und du die Stadt liebst. bye.

david-. said...

¿De vuelta? (!)

Enrique G de la G said...

¡De vuelta, a webo!