October 26, 2010

No(w) life at Times Square

Not being a New Yorker, the most appalling thing for me when I visited Times Square for the first time was the striking impact of seeing nothing but artificial things, besides people of course.

I sat down on the red carpet and for five minutes I tried to identify something natural: no llamas, not a bird, not a tree, no dogs, not even a cloud.

Such a stark impression was completely new for me, and I have never been in such a state of mesmerization.

A Mexican NYU student, Marco Castro, had the same impression and is offering a cool solution: Bus roots. He is putting plants on the roofs of buses all around the city.

Fotos: Inge Morath, A Llama in Times Square (1957)
Shane Ramkissoon / Bus Roots (2010)


Anonymous said...

Everybody is a gardener, a good one or a bad one.

Yaotzin Botello said...

Other gardens: http://www.cityfarmer.info/category/roof-garden/