August 4, 2011


I am sitting in my office in Coyoacán, as I have been doing the last weeks, my favorite radiostation worldwide is on: MotorFM and I am listening to the music, paying attention to what is going on in Berlin, turning it off everytime the phone rings, somebody comes in or I need to concentrate deeper.

A few minutes ago, I was ready to turn off my computer and go home. When the voice mentions a name, which sounds very familiar to me. I freeze!

I listen to the voice of this girl, but it is not her... I wait and wait, the interview is about some exhibition in Berlin, a small group of artists is present in the studio. I google the name of the other guy talking, and yes, the show is about to start tomorrow, and her name is also there.

Then the voice with her trademark accent flows from the loudspeakers direct to my ears and into my brain, and I just cannot believe it. Of all people, this voice which was recorded a few hours ago and is being sent from the opposite side of the globe.

She mentions her favorite song, some David Bowie hit, which is drilling my whole being as I am writing this very words.

What a coincidence! I just cannot believe it.

The song is over, and I am gone now.

Sometimes, internet really s/fucks!

Image: JP

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Anonymous said...

Go and get in contact with the girl. You know who I am talking about.