August 18, 2011

(To) Cover: show, imply

I am still impressed by a powerful magazine cover from Granta for their issue on "Sex", last year.

I was looking forward to find a site with the best covers, when today ZEITmagazin discovered Coverjunkie, a great blog on the best covers. I am impressed and I love it!

Not only that: I also felt very happy because the cover of Picnic is among them. And thanks to Piu I wrote two short pieces for this issue.

The cover is to the magazine, what the eyes are to the soul. Their reflection.

And Granta's cover is definitely a masterpiece: it does not show, like Courbet did in 1866, but implies.



Anonymous said...

Sex sells. But Sex is not love, even if this is for some people the same. For you?

Anonymous said...

Another examle...

Guillermo Núñez said...

Sasha Gray: