August 3, 2011

Something positive

Campus Party, Valencia

I am aware that I have been very negative the last weeks, since I came back to Mexico. The cultural shock after so many years in Berlin is immense. I do not belong either to Mexico, nor to Germany, that's the paradox.

But not everything is terrible here: the food is perfect, I tried new fruits and have met interesting people, love the plants and the easy way of the people.

A few days ago, I visited Campus Party (saw the prettiest girl I have seen in this city, so far, a hostess) and met Salles, a young designer whose blog I started following 1.5 years ago (it is just 2 years old). He has one million readers! A really interesting guy who will shape the minds of younger generations.

Last week, I bought a mattress by phone. The person was extremely polite and efficient. I had to talk to him a few times, and everything was perfect, the service was incredible, there was not a problem thanks to him. I sent today an email to the company congratulating him, and they responded quite fast and very happy. How important it is to give positive feedback...

Nudos narrativos, by Salles

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