August 13, 2011

Life in Coyoacán

Is great.

It is in fact considered Top 5 in North America! Believe it or not!

I have the sensation of being in a small neigborhood. I started knowing the people I meet everyday: there is an old man in front of my garage, and a couple of young guys in front of my main door, they all make a living out of helping people park their cars and taking care of them; José Antonio Romero is a nice, skinny old man selling the most fantastic fruit; I go to the market and started meeting the people who work there. Two former students of mine have their law office in front of my place, I could improve my Italian or dancing skills walking a few steps.

My place was built up at the end of the 17th Century or perhaps beginning of the 18th Century, while this very room where I sleep belongs to the 19th Century. It is said that this house once belonged to Agustín de Iturbide.

I have orange trees (still small, but full of fruits!) to make my orange juice in the morning... A three-meter high bouvainvillea sticks to the walls of my terrace.

I feel cozy here, despite I still have no chairs, no table, no nothing except for the bed and internet.

Peau à peau...

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Ululatus sapiens said...

Welcome back, then. ;)