August 3, 2011

Way too fat

The bell rang and I open the front door of my building in Coyoacán. It was not the guy about to install the internet, but a small, good looking girl, with bright green eyes and a cute orange blazer. She was visiting my neighbour, who is a designer and works for succesful actresses and models.

No idea who she was, and now by chance I bumped into a picture of her: Ivanna Rodríguez, model of San Pedro, my small town.

Ivanna lost the Miss Mexico crown to Cynthia de la Vega, another girl from our town. Cynthia has been on the news this week, since her crown has taken off, allegedly because she is "way too fat".

Judge it by yourself:

I am not acquainted with the internal politics of this issue, and I really don't care.

My concern is about the wild pressure put upon girls. We -- men -- want to be able to grasp something when we take a girl by her waist. 

In Germany, the largest fashion magazine, Brigitte, stopped depicting slim models to benefit "normal" women.

I like models, a lot actually, but this argument ("way too fat") is just stupid. Or a lie. Please behave!

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