June 2, 2006

Mascotas y aviones

A new EU regulation imposes more stringent conditions that apply to the transport of pets (cats and dogs) between EU Member States or into the EU from outside the EU.

These pets must
a) have a passport for household pets. This passport must provide information about anti-rabies vaccinations and other information about the health of the animal in question, and
b) have a clearly legible tattoo or an electronic identification system (transponder).

Your vetinary will be able to provide you with further information. Your vetinary issues passports and can provide a tattoo or a transponder.

If you are unable to present a passport for your domestic pet or if your pet does not have a tattoo or an electronic identification system, we will have no choice but to refuse to accept your pet on the flight. Should this be the case, transavia.com is not liable for any costs incurred by the passenger as a result.

Transavia.com only carries cats and dogs that are at least three months old. Pets are not accepted on intercontinental flights and flights to and from Ireland and the U.K. Contact the transavia call center and ask for the conditions of carriage of pets.


robespierre said...

y si la quiero llevar en primera clase necesito algun permiso especial?

El Serch said...

Menos motivos para llevar a la mascota en un viaje.

¿Y si me quiero llevar mi lorito, mi "chabelita" (una serpiente coralillo?

Enrique G de la G said...

¿Ves el problema? Eso es discriminación zoológica.

Dauphine said...

esplendida, la foto ^!! es delicioso la smirnoff...pero la Manzan(it)a queda mejor ^^