January 8, 2011

Life: plans and dreams

"And they had so many plans, giddy plans, heaped up before them in the misty future, as richly tangled as the summer flora of the Dorset coast, and as beautiful. Where and how they would live, who their close friends would be, his job with their father's firm, her musical career and what to do with the money her father had given her, and how they would not be like other people, at least, not inwardly" (Ian McEwan, On Chesil Beach).

Life is made of plans and dreams. A misunderstanding, a crime, a mistake, an accident, a disease, and they are gone or your life changes for ever.

I think of A, who always had "fiebre de horizontes". I think of M, who knew how to clear out the dust of such fevers. And of S, who fulfilled his own in a two-year-enterprise: he traveled by bike from Ushuaia to Bering Sea, and knows how to teach and defend the value of dreams.

Life is also made of phases. And transition is hard. C'est la vie.

Photo: Richard Avedon, "Suzy Parker and Robin Tattersall, robe de Dior", Place de la Concorde, Paris (1956).

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