January 29, 2011

St. George's Newsletter

A brilliant piece by the witty English owners of the best library in town!
Come join us for our one-year 'Countdown to the Mayan Apocalypse as we celebrate 'Die, Mubarak, die' day with our own Tunisialicious one-year 'SpeakEasy' anniversary. Imagine 1989, if all the countries were Romania! Now's your chance to relive the warm glow of citizen e-action, but with the added roulette-wheel of secret service involvement. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. Twitter or Tiananmen?  Imelda Marcos or Mikhail Khordokovsky? Algeria, Libya, Iran,  Morocco and Syria? Does the Russian airport bomb remind you of 2004 (those destroyed apartment blocks in Moscow, just before Putin was voted President?)  Or should we just line up the kulak landlords who've made Berlin what it is today?

It gets packed, but we can always squeeze you in.
'The problem with talking about dark matter and dark energy is that we are all such particle chauvinists.' (Stephen Hawking)
Wednesday 2nd February Saint George's Bookshop Wörther Strasse 27 20:30 Admission free Drinks €1.50

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