January 20, 2011

Madelaine and gelato al limon

For those nostalgic days, nothing better than Proust's madelaine.

Is such a madelaine a real impossibility? Is nostalgia produced because you do flirt with a chimera, of what could had been if...? Flirting is such a bittersweet feeling, similar to nostalgia: some nervous -- or painful -- happiness.

If you feel nostalgic, there is always música ranchera or Jacques Brel to worsen it. There is even a gelato al limon. Ah, the great Paolo Conte... He managed to transform a happy, green ice into a sad stuff. Like nostalgia: it turns completely over happy memories and smiling feelings.

(If it weren't for the microphone, you would think that this clip was recorded yesterday, but it is more than 30 years old, which makes me peruse the nostalgia caused by my own age: what if my past had been different...? Right, it would not be me now. What easy it is to utter it.)

Ah, the wildly musical Hebrew language... (Is it again a chimera or plain hope?)

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