January 1, 2011

Violence: Mario Broekmans, Mussolini Headkick

Mario Broekmans: The Wheel or The Female Christ (1983)

Mussolini Headkick: Themes for Violent Retribution (1989)

2010 is finally over, a loooong and unsexy year, despite all the kindness of friends and amazing new people I met.

I am fed up with ignorance and violence, particularly in Mexico, and I cannot understand Canadian people like these, which I found some months ago while doing some research, as well as these pics I am posting now, as symbolic sign of a unlucky year which is over. Governments should be putting some order there.

In 2011, Greece is starting a Wall on the border to Turkey to stop illegal immigration. Europe is copying the Wall on the American-Mexican border. What did they learn from the Berlin Wall?! What the heck!? Europeans should had thought about it when they were colonizing the rest of the world...

Good is that America will end the invasion of Iraq. Finally! Next challenge is to stop the weapon business, which is destroying the peace of some many countries and families.

Personally, I will get more interested into rugby, a sport for real men, since I cannot stand anymore the FIFA-mafia and the always-crying football-players. To compensate, I will get more into fashion models, since I prefer to see their legs than those of the rugby players...

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david-. said...

¡Es toda una federación de partidos! Soberanamente triste. ¿No crees que, para inicios de año, éste ha sido terrible? (Digo, en "Stimmung" general, descontando las comidas y festejos.)