January 10, 2011

Waiting in Houston

I am waiting in Houston for my flight. I observe the people running with their shoes on their hands to catch their flight, security personal attending an alarm ("17, are we clear?"), a 35-year old silicon Barbie in pink, not a single book besides my "On Chesil Beach", but tons of huge foam cups with soft drinks, a Serbian woman speaking on her cell phone holding a DHL package under her arm (now I understand less and less).

I was checking the beauty of the outside world thanks to the services of Google Street View and 9-eyes, while listening to my fav new band, The National. I am a big fan of flying birds on first plane (sometimes it's about butterflies), and creepy horses in the cities, or running children...


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Emilio said...

El mes pasado vole a Mexico via Houston y, debido a nevadas en Chicago, perdi mi conexion. Quede varado entonces una noche en esta ciudad. Recorde algo que Jack Nicholson dijo alguna vez: "I have only visited two cities that don't have a soul: Houston and Dallas." Saludos,