March 18, 2011

Greek feet

I know somebody whose mother has always laughed at him, because he has Greek feet (the so called Morton's toe). 

But observing classic Greek art, the index toe is mostly represented being larger than the hallux (big toe). And so, other artists have followed this pattern, which succeed in the Renaissance, for instance. 

Venus of Milo (my pic)

Collosus of Constantine (Jeremy Thorpe)

Botticelli, Birth of Venus (Google Art Project crop pic)

 Statue of Liberty (unknown photographer)
If you are interested, check a more complete little text about it regarding Statue of Liberty's feet.

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Mariana said...

Dicen que los pies son la firma de un artista. También dicen que Géricault no sabía pintar pies y que por eso siempre se los tapaba o escondía a los personajes de sus cuadros: