March 3, 2011


So far, I have spent two days in Madrid. What a charming city! I always criticize it a lot, but when I come here and meet my friends, then I just fall in love with Madrid again. 

I have met very nice and interesting people, we have talked about amazing projects, I tried new food like pheasant, discovered a the work of Manuel Vilariño, which made me recall Gerhard Richter (plagiarism?) and Elliot Erwitt, trolled around, talked about Borges, Octavio Paz, St. Augustin, Neruda and the relative who caused a major crisis in La Habana during the 1998 War against Spain. It is still chilly, but food and bars are just great.

No doubt that I love Berlin, the best city in the world, but Spaniards are just closer to me than Germans: a whole different atmosphere in the city. People communicate with each other, laugh and yell and make jokes...

Elliot Erwitt, Florida keys (1968) 

Manuel Vilariño, Sula bassana (1985)

Gerhard Richter, Kerze mit Schadel (1983)

Manuel Vilariño, El despertar (2001)

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