March 30, 2011

No more blood!

Yesterday I learned about the death of the children of two friends of mine, last week it was the child of my cousins. The two little kids suffered a natural death, there is a feeling of powerlessness about nature.

But the other guy was a young adult, an emerging writer, who was murdered in a vile way. I didn't know him, but I know his father, Javier Sicilia. There is this feeling of powerlessness about violence.

Mexico really sucks at the moment, it is just impossible to have some peace, what is it about torturing and killing, what is the fun at it?

This is definitely the worst moment of the country in the last 80 years. The political, economical and legal corruption is just overwhelming, some of us need to stop and think about what should we do and where should we start.

Mexican poverty is worse to the one I have seen in Guatemala, Cuba, more similar to the one I saw in South Africa: it is real misery. It is just ridiculous that one out of every three Mexicans lives in this poverty, while 'the system' continues providing more millions to Mr Carlos Slim, whose wealth is bigger than the whole of Ecuador.

I urge the authorities to recognize that the current situation is not bearable without international help and a deal with USA and the EU, since those are the main drug markets.

Finally, I urge the readers who have fun smoking a joint to think twice. Nowadays, there is much concern about 'blood diamonds' and Asian products being assembled by famished children. And that is perfectly fine. But there is still a lack of consciousness about the human costs of a joint.


Yaotzin Botello said...

It really sucks!

david-. said...

Sadly, our glorious answer to our problems: