March 20, 2011

Mauerpark is our park

There is this park in Berlin which I like very much to visit on Sundays: Mauerpark. Although it has become very popular among tourists, Berliners also enjoy their time there. I went there to the karaoke, the atmosphere was nice as always, but the participants I saw where not the hit.

So we went for a walk and a bit further we bumped into the most incredible thing: a real club in the middle of the park with two djs. It had started short before, it was around 3.30pm, the sun was shinning and perhaps a dozen of people were dancing. I started dancing immediately. The djs were extremely good, people started gathering, and soon it was an amazing party with maybe 450-500 people dancing the best electronic music ever.

In fact, it didn't make sense at all: it was chilly, open air, the sun was shining, nobody new anybody else, and still everybody was really enjoying the party. There was not a concrete motive to celebrate or, rather, we all were celebrating the first sunlight of the year, because when you live up in the North then you learn to treasure every single gram of sun.
Berlin is an amazing city, offering you always some hidden surprise to curious people. I can just imagine something similar (plus beach) in Tel Aviv...

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