March 10, 2011

Gute Laune Photographie

The German concept 'Gute Laune Musik' refers to those songs which you listen to when you are in a good mood or, occasionally, when you want to get rid of that bothering gray mood. The idea of making playlists according to your mood seems to me fantastic!

These days I discovered the most excellent 'Gute Laune Photograph', a guy delivering all the time good mood pictures. Forget about the dramatic and heaviness of Robert Capa or the Borgesian perfection of Cartier-Bresson or the classical stillness of Atget or... I was familiar with his car pictures, but his whole work is a canto to happiness.

"I was born happy, that helps, doesn't it?", said once Jacques-Henri Lartigue. It makes the whole difference, specially if your parents are rich. If you are these days in Madrid, you definitely have to visit the exhibition at La CaixaForum.

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